Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mile Rock Beach "Golden Gate splash"

This is a shot taken from Mile Rock Beach
We started the hike at the Lands End trailhead down to the Mile Rock stairway. (not bad going down) We got there in the early afternoon to scope out the beach area before the late afternoon sun. Once we got the nice light we took shots timing the wave splashes unitl we got our desired shots. Once the sun went down we took a few dusk shots also. See more from my Golden Gate bridge gallery here

Time Lapse from Mile Rock Beach. Passing the time until the good light come!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

O St Overpass Time Lapse traffic

I-5 Traffic,  taken from the 0 St overpass Downtown Sacramento

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First time Lapse video

Time Lapse of traffic on Elk Grove Blvd

Sunday, January 16, 2011

10 of my many Favorites from 2010

This is a ride at the California State fair. Our goal was to capture the motion trails of the passengers  seated in the swings.

See more California State fair photos here California State Fair

This is a shot from inside Antelope upper canyon. We went in March, the weather was perfect and its a good time to go for photographers since its not the peak season (no crowds). :)


This was taken in the Eastern Sierras Inyo National Forest. We went to this spot a couple of times before we got this shot. Its a really cool feeling when you can see the first light on the peak of the mountain top then watch it creep down the mountain side.

This was my first year shooting Fire Dancers, shooting the dancers were one of my favorites things to shoot in 2010. It's really challenging to shoot because the dancers are moving and you are trying to expose theire movent and the fire!

See my Fire Dancers Gallery here

This was taken during a low tide on the beach right beneath the Baybridge. The climb down was not too bad. Going back up in the dark was a little tough, but it was worth it!

A late afternoon shot from Death Valley "Eureka Dunes"

Night shot taken from Lombard Street in San Francisco. Capturing the light trails can be a bit challenging because a lot of the tourist driving down Lombard Street like to stop and look at the houses on the way down.

Waterfall shot from Bishop Creek in the Eastern Sierras.

Coyote Buttes in Utah "The Wave"

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Golden Gate Bridge shot from above the Waldo Tunnel. We hiked up the costal trail before sunrise to get this shot!

Those are my Favorites 0f 2010

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shooting from freeway overpasses

This is a shot from the R St overpass  I -5 nortbound towards downtown Sacramento.

My friend Bill Taylor rigged up these PVC pipe extensions so that we can shoot from the overpasses that have the 7 to 8 feet high fences. The cameras, triopods and the PVC pipe are secured for safety and stability.

Practice product shoot

Things to do on a cold foggy Sacramento Day. I got a Canon 24-105 Coffee mug as a Christmas gift. I was playing around practicing lighting techniques with 2 AB800 using  white vinyl roll sheet as a background! 

24- 105

Purse Product shoot

I did another purse product shoot for Lisa Scarr, owner of Bags u Love. She wanted to add 20 new purses
she just got in to her website.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Golden Gate Bridge Low Tide

A shot of the Golden Gate Bridge at dusk during the low tide, shot from Marshall Beach. The tide report said the tide was @ -9, it sure did not seem that low. I got wet and both of my photography buddies got wet, but we were happy with the shots we got.

Product Shot

I did a product shoot for a client that opened up a web based Purse store. It was something diffrent for me but I think I like shooting product photography. Looking forward to doing more this year!

O street over pass

This shot was taken from the O ST overpass in Sacrament looking Northbound I-5