Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hedge Creek Falls

This is Hedge Creek falls in Dunsmuir, Ca. A small waterfall about 30Ft. in height, but I like the thin flow of water. Short easy hike ! I did not notice this girl was in the photo until I downloaded my photos to my computer. I like shooting the thin waterfalls, the exposure is asy to control. This was shot in June, if you want to shoot it in the morning make sure you are there before 11 a.m. because the sun starts hitting it around that time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lombard St. from a different perspective

This shot of Lombard Street was taken from the bottom looking up about a 1/2 a mile away. I did not notice the two people standing at the top unitl I viewed the photo on my computer screen. This was a 94 second exposure. Shooting from this distance you need a clear windless night. I was happy with my results!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Abandon House Light Painting

After shooting the full moon last night we decided to stick around and do some light painting. This old abandon houe is in Woodland, Ca. right off of highway 16. The light from the full moon helped to light the sky and clouds, which made for a nice sky. We are learning more about light painting evry time we go out now. To get the vibrant colors we would keep the light source in the same area for a longer time. This was shot at 10mm on a Canon 40D for 140 seconds.  Using flash light with colored gels. Inside the doorway I had my canon 580ex 11 flash set to fire with a remote trigger.

This was another two & a half minute exposure. I like this perspective with the sky. With the long exposure it's hard to tell that it'seleven oclock at night. Well I cant wait to find a new location to do more light painting!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Celebration

Well we drove from Sacramento to the Marinheadlands to photography the Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary celebration which ended with a fireworks show. This was one of the best fireworks displays I had ever seen! We arrived at Marinheadlands around 4:00p.m. We decided we wanted to shoot the fireworks from a perspective above the bridge. We parked on Mccullough Rd at the start of the coastal trail. We were able to find a spot right at the trail head. (Pays to be early). We hiked up and checked out a few other views. Then we hiked up the trail just shy of the Waldo tunnel. The sun was shining bright but it was really windy and cold. It was still three hours before the firworks were going to start. We took a break and had some water and snacks. I hiked over across the top of the tuneel to check out another perspective. I also took a few shots. Well when I got back it still was 45 minutes before  the fireworks  were going to start. We could see the southbound ltraffic slowing because everyone was trying to get into the Marinheadlands for a parking spot. Well the fireworks started and the wind had died down quite a bit. I started shooting and  adjusting my exposure every minute or so to adjust for the diffrent burst. I was happy with my results!

This was the view point were we shot from. You can see the tail lights of the traffic and if you look closely you can see the blue like of a motorcycle cop zigzagging controlling the traffic. This was a 67 second exposure.

Another shot of the fireworks lighting up the bay!  Bill Taylor's Gallery!
Don Taylor's gallery!

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Check out this video produce by Michael Coleman - 

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Fireworks Celebration from KFOG Radio 104.5/97.7 on Vimeo.
The Golden Gate Bridge's 75th anniversary was a spectacular waterfront festival! Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday, May 27, and to all our partners who helped make the day a memorable one!

Event Production by Foghorn Creative -
Video Produced by Michael Coleman -
Audio Produced By Chuck Smith, Creative Director/KFOG and Lance Tipton
Fireworks by Pyro Spectaculars North
Lighting by Lightswitch
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy -