Sunday, May 27, 2012

Glam Xtreme Photo Shoot

I attended a photo shoot with the Glam Xtreme group. One of my photography goals this year is to attend at least one portrait/workshop per month this year. I would like to become as proficient with my portrait photography as I am with my landscapes & cityscape. Attending these workshops will help me achieve this goal! This shot is identical twins Sabrina & Sara.  They were fun to shoot! see more from the shoot here.

Curvy Lombard St

This was my second time going to Lombard St. to shoot the trails from the cars tail light. I shot the trails a couple of years ago, but from a diffrent perspective. This time I wanted to shoot from the top of Lombard and Hyde. To get this berspective I had to lift my camera and tripod up on the 3 foot brick wall. Although it was not a clear night I was happy with the light trails I captured. This was a 30 second exposure, it was perfect to catch the tail lights. These type of exposures are my favorites to capture.