Saturday, April 14, 2012

Point Reyes Light Painting

We went out to this old boat in Inverness, Ca. It has been docked there at the Tamales Bay for quite some time. We wanted to shoot the boat at dusk using gels to light up the inside, we set up our camera's on the tripods and used remote triggers to fire our strobes that we set up in the boat. Thanks to Bill Taylor and Don Taylor for  helping setup this shot.  See photos below.

 The man that bulit this boat was named
Merrel S. Rocca Sr.  I found this on a blog from photographer  Julia Wahl

Here is a little history about the boat from his daughter.
"My name is Sandra Racine. This is my father's boat. He built this boat in 1951. His name was Merrel S. Rocca Sr. I think it's amazing how everyone likes's to take pictures of my father's boat. He is long deceased now, almost twenty-one year's. He was a commercial fisherman and I fished with him often. Certain things bother me whenever I see the boat because I knew he was very particular on keeping looking well maintained. My father came a a long line of fisherman and he was born in our house in Marshall. Thanks, Sandra Rocca Racine"

This was shot at sunset! You can see the light from the gel cover flashes we had set up in the boat. We all felt like we had a productive night especially after getting home and seeing our results on our big monitors.

Here is another shot after sunset. One strobe inside the boat and a we used a gel covered flashlight to paint the ouside of the boat. We shot this during a low tide other wise you would have to wade through a few feet of water to get to the boat.

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