Monday, June 4, 2012

Abandon House Light Painting

After shooting the full moon last night we decided to stick around and do some light painting. This old abandon houe is in Woodland, Ca. right off of highway 16. The light from the full moon helped to light the sky and clouds, which made for a nice sky. We are learning more about light painting evry time we go out now. To get the vibrant colors we would keep the light source in the same area for a longer time. This was shot at 10mm on a Canon 40D for 140 seconds.  Using flash light with colored gels. Inside the doorway I had my canon 580ex 11 flash set to fire with a remote trigger.

This was another two & a half minute exposure. I like this perspective with the sky. With the long exposure it's hard to tell that it'seleven oclock at night. Well I cant wait to find a new location to do more light painting!

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