Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Temple of poi 2012

I attended the Temple of Poi 2012 Sunset shoot at the San Francisco Civic. It was a fun but short shoot.The security officer only allowed the photographers to shoot at the Civic center for a little more than a hour. Well we broke up into several groups and started shooting. There were lots of photographers but I think we all were able to get some good shots. This is a shoot of two of the fire dancers spinning. Shooting fire dancers is a challenge because you have to use a long exposuers and they are also moving. You have to get a exposure short enough to get a sharp photo and long enough expose to for the fire also. With enough practice it can be achieved. see more about Temple of Poi here with owner Isa Glittergirl

Here is another shot of dancer Kandice Korves- Kaus
see my shots from the Temple of Poi 2012 shoot at the Civic center

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